Who We Are

Ged Dollard

Business Support Director

Ged’s background has primarily been in financial services for the past 30 years, working both in banking and for the last 15 years running his own independent Financial Services Company. Ged has built up a client bank of over 300 clients which has been grown, in the main, by referrals and introductions from existing clients.

I’m a firm believer in providing a high standard of personal customer service and this has always been of paramount importance to me. I believe that my clients are entitled to expect my fullest attention when I am working for them and nothing less should be acceptable. It was for this reason that BSS was founded as I discovered more and more from my clients that there was an urgent need for the type of service BSS now offers.

John Froggett


John has been in accountancy for 37 years. He has always worked in practice and as such has a wealth of practical first hand experience of small business.

He is a fellow of the Association of International Accountants.

I know that Accountancy and bookkeeping can be incredibly boring, I’ve been at it for 37 years (yes I am that old!), but accurate bookkeeping is essential. First and foremost to help clients understand how their business is performing but also to ensure that they comply with their statutory obligation to maintain accurate books and records. It is evident to me that this important function has either, been ignored completely, given over to well meaning amateurs or a half hearted attempt was being made by the business owner or spouse. Those that did try to improve things by speaking to their accountant were shocked by the costs involved. Even if they went ahead, important help, management information or ideas were still not forthcoming. BSS is the solution.

John has dealt with sole traders, partnerships and limited companies on a daily basis and so there isn’t much he hasen’t seen or dealt with.

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