Small Businesses

Reducing Costs & Increasing Profits

Cost savings could be made in the areas of suppliers, credit terms etc, we can also look offer bookkeeping and business management services to your Company so allowing you to break away from routine tasks that may preventing you from concentrating on your strengths, growing your business. You can be relaxed in the knowledge that as BSS looks after the paperwork side of your business, you will be able to develop and grow your Company.

Business Operations Review

We can undertake a full analysis of your business operation and make relevant recommendations where we feel that there would be a positive impact on the business going forward. This could be in the amount of debtors and creditors there are, any current finance and insurance arrangements you may have. We will look at your tax situation and make recommendation as to how we feel things could be changed to your benefit so ensuring you only pay the tax you need to pay. We would also look to assess whether you and your business are set up in the optimum way for you, e.g. if you are currently a sole trader, you may be better off as a Ltd Company or vice versa. We would make recommendations based on your own situation as we see it.

Finance Reviews & Advice

As previously stated, we have solid working relationships with Finance professionals, be these in banking or insurance. They would be happy to review any current arrangements you may have and look to offer their advice on how they feel you may best tailor these or any new arrangements to suit you and your business.

Past Accounts Review

If you have got yourself into a muddle with your latest accounts, we can easily bring this information up to date for you with our Past Accounts Review. We will simply take the information from you or your previous accountant if necessary and then, using our systems, bring it all into order and up to date and, when applicable, ready to be sent to the HMRC. Panic over for you!

Traditional & On Line Marketing

We have developed close working relationships with Web Design and Sales & Marketing Companies, who are able to offer you their wealth of experience in how to project your business to your target market, they will then work closely with you to ensure the optimum level of exposure. Both Companies also subscribe to our Approved Panel and so meet our rigorous requirements when dealing with our clients.

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