Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Does CIS Apply to Me?

Help with deciding if your work comes under CIS scheme rules and if so, how to make provision for this.

Contractor / Sub-Contractor Registration

Advice for Contractors

  • Registration and obligations
  • Verifying & Paying Sub-Contractors
  • Dealing with sub-contractor trading names
  • Reporting changes to HMRC

Advice for Sub-Contractors

  • Subcontractor regulations and obligations
  • Getting paid and paying tax
  • Reporting changes to HMRC

Sub-Contractor CIS Rebates

As a sub-contractor under CIS, your tax is taken from your gross earnings, this means you may well pay a lot more than you should do each year because your tax liability should be for gross earnings minus allowable expenses. We can submit your allowable expenses each year via a CIS tax return, this should then lower then amount that you should have to pay tax on. the Inland Revenue will then calculate the difference in tax and pay the CIS refunds back to you.

The paperwork involved can be very complicated for an individual who is not used to dealing with such things and so this means that he or she may only claim a fraction of what they are entitled to, or even submit invalid claims.

Our accountants submit hundreds of UK tax returns each year and so know how to claim your maximum rebate in the quickest possible time, you could receive your CIS rebate in less than 2 weeks.

As a CIS sub-contractor, you should be registered as such with the Inland Revenue, as a result, you will have received a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number. We will need this number, amongst other required information to enable us to complete a return for you.

Call us or use our on-line contact form to see if you are entitled to a rebate

CIS Record keeping

We can maintain all records for you as either a Contractor or Sub Contractor ensuring that all documentation is up to date and available for inspection at any time.

CIS Returns to HMRC (£5+vat per entry per month)

We will deal, on your behalf, with Inland Revenue so ensuring you will not have any late return penalties or needless worries which would potentially distract you from your business.

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