New Start-ups

Business Plan Review (£100+vat)

It is more and more important in the current business world to ensure that a Company, whether new or existing has a well thought out and sensible business plan to provide a measure of how well (or not) it is doing at various times. A well thought out and sensible business plan will also go a long way to gaining the confidence and a positive attitude from your Bank Manager should the need arise for you to speak with him or her.

BSS offers the opportunity for you to have your Business Plan reviewed by Industry individuals who have an enormous amount of experience in this particular field and who have up to date knowledge and experience. This knowledge and experience could be the difference between your Business Plan being accepted or rejected by banks etc and so this service may, for a very reasonable fee, just be the difference for you and your Company.

Set up of the Company (Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company)

We will work with you to ascertain the most appropriate way for you to set yourself up, this would depend on the type of industry you are in, an estimated volume of work you would look to be undertaking and the basis on which you would want to be remunerated.
Company & VAT Registration.

We can help you in the formation of your Business with respect to the procedures, paperwork and supporting documentation required, we can also assist you in the formation of a Limited Company if should this be the way you decide to proceed. We can take all the paperwork from you so ensuring nothing important is overlooked.

Likewise, we can help you inn explaining the requirements for VAT registration and, if this is required, we can again guide you through the process so as to ensure all required documentation and procedures are completed to the correct standard.

Banking, Finance and Insurance needs

We have developed close working relationships with a number of banks and so if there is a need for new bank accounts to be set up along with say, new business finance, we can arrange for you to meet with experienced professionals from these organisations who would look to help as much as they can. We have also developed close working relationships with a firm of Independent Financial Advisers and an Independent Mortgage Broker Company who are also members of our Approved Panel and as such adhere to certain principles. They would be more than pleased  to discuss any relevant requirements you may have, at any stage.

Cash Flow Forecasting & Financing

A cash flow forecast can help you keep track of where your Company may be at any one time, it will also help to ensure you have a guideline to adhere to whilst building your business. BSS can help you with all aspects of this and so you can concentrate on growing your business with confidence.

If you are looking for initial lending requirements to help your business develop, we can introduce you to the relevant industry professionals who can discuss your situation with you and help you decide the best way forward for you and your business.

Traditional & On Line Marketing

We have developed close working relationships with Web Design and Sales & Marketing Companies, who are able to offer you their wealth of experience in how to project your business to your target market, they will then work closely with you to ensure the optimum level of exposure. Both Companies also subscribe to our Approved Panel and so meet our rigorous requirements when dealing with our clients.

Access to BSS Approved Panel of Support Businesses

To help your business grow and improve, we offer access for you to our Approved Panel of Support Businesses who have all been vetted as well as utilised by BSS and who will look to offer their services to you if required. The Approved Panel members all adhere to a strict code of practice as we believe it could be something of a lottery looking for help in areas you do not specialise in, with the potential to cause you great expense but still not be happy with the end product. BSS is happy in the knowledge that the businesses on the support panel will provide you with the service you require.

New Start-up Packages

Basic Premier
£200 +vat £450 +vat
Advice on requirements for set up as a Sole Trade, Partnership or Ltd Company As for Basic package plus: –
Formation of Ltd Company, where applicable Hands on help in setting up your business, e.g. accounts advice, bank accounts etc
Access to our approved support partners, where advice required (bank account; insurance; print; website; graphics etc) BSS will fully liaise with HMRC on your behalf to ensure all paperwork and requirements completed going forward
Checking service to ensure all relevant set-up documentation has been completed and is at correct destination Help and explanation with cash flow forecasting if necessary, including worked examples
Free attendance to one of our Start-Up networking groups
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