Susan Christina Hair Design

Up until 13 years ago, I was working in a salon as a stylist but was anxious to branch out on my own so I decided to set up my own business, from my home.

I had a bedroom in my property converted into a mini salon and fitted out with the usual items, chairs, mirrors, backwash and normal salon necessities to ensure that my clients would feel as comfortable in their new surroundings as they did at the salon.

I arranged for the relevant Public Liability insurance as well as contacting the company who operated my home insurance, just to confirm they were aware of my situation at home etc. I had also made sure I had enough money set aside to cover things such as the first few weeks’ salary, products and general expenses that I thought would need to be paid in those first few months as I only had a small number of clients at that time and so income would be low. However, it turned out not to be a problem building my client numbers up as one client would refer me to one of their friends, then that friend would refer me to a friend and so on. I have remained very busy and so I know I made the right decision to start up on my own.

I keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of hairdressing as I regularly attend the Salon International exhibition and that keeps me aware of the new products etc that are available. I also still get regular visits from company reps such as Wella etc and they are happy to offer me promotions and courses as I have a decent level of clients’ and so require a fair amount of product.

I have been with Business Support Shop (BSS) from the outset and would really have appreciated them being around when I started out on my own as I believe that the service they offer would have been perfect for me as a person new to business. They advise me now on how to make the best of my business and how to run it efficiently and cost effectively.

I have recommended BSS to clients and friends of mine and they also seem very happy with the service they receive from BSS.